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About Highest Point Property Management

Highest Point Real Estate has been a Colorado Springs property management company since 2000 - long enough to know that trusting relationships are key to building opportunity and offering superior property services. We have surrounded ourselves with trusted vendors and knowledgeable experts to help us successfully manage your property. We are licensed Brokers and knowledgeable and Colorado laws governing rental properties, owners/
agents, and tenant rights, to include the new Habitability Law. Our lease is written by local attorney at law, Paul Murphy, of course with our experienced input. 

Our Fees 
No Emergency Fees, No Advertising Fees, No Fees During Vacancy, No Reserve

Highest Point’s property management fee is 7.9% of the rent each month. We collect this amount when we receive rent and send the rest to the homeowner through direct deposit to their account. The only other fee we charge is a $150 “set up fee” when we place a new tenant in your vacant property. Our Colorado Springs property management company prides itself on not having hidden fees and we never hold a “reserve” (money some property managers hold from the property owner in case repairs are needed). Highest Point does not charge a management fee during vacancy of your property and does not charge an advertising fee to advertise your vacancy.

Our Property Services 


Our Colorado Springs property management company advertises the rental vacancies on over 50 different websites that potential tenants frequent including Zillow, Trulia, Active Rain,, Hot Padz, AHRN (a website exclusively for military personnel) and of course the local MLS just to name a few. We do not charge an advertising fee. When a potential tenant calls to schedule a showing of your property they reach our staff Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.  We offer on call services during the weekend through our call center to arrange appointments as needed.

Screening Tenants 

Highest Point is a property management company in Colorado Springs that collects all rental applications for your property and very carefully screens all applicants. It is in our best interest as well as yours to be careful who we enter into along term
 contract with. We do not want to deal with tenants who don’t pay rent or damage the property any more than you do so we are very selective about who we approve. 

Our first step when processing an application is to verify employment and get a rental reference. To gather this information, our property 
management company in Colorado Springs calls both employers and former or current landlords. Actually speaking over the phone with employers and landlords gives us a unique insight into the nature of an individual. 

We require our tenants make 3 times the amount of their rent each month to ensure they can afford rent, utilities and any other personal bills they may have. 

Our Colorado Springs property management company requires a comprehensive credit and background check be performed on all adults living in the home by Highest Point. The Highest Point application fee is applied directly to the cost of credit and background check and is always paid by the applicant and never the property owner. 

When we have finished processing an application that meets our requirements we send it to the homeowner for final approval. It’s critical to have the homeowner involved in such an important decision. We are always happy to give our advice on an application, but we want the property owner to be involved in the decision as well. 

After the owner and Highest Point 
has selected a new tenant we collect the security deposit (usually the amount of 1 months’ rent) and arrange a move in date. Then we have the tenant in to sign their lease and get their keys. 

A recent trend we have started is collecting a “yard deposit” on properties where the lawn and landscaping are of supreme importance to the homeowner. While lawn and landscaping can be covered by the security deposit we all know how expensive it can be to get it back in shape. 

Tenant Placement 

In some cases property owners do not want us to manage their home 
them long term but instead want us to advertise the property for rent, screen and find a good tenant for them and have the tenants sign our lease, then they take over collecting rent and facilitating maintenance etc. This is what we call a “tenant placement”. Our Colorado Springs property management company has a fee for the placement, which equals the full amount of one month’s rent for the property. 

How Our Property Management Company in Colorado Springs Manages Tenants 

Once we have a tenant in place our full management property services include; 

Collecting Rent 

Holding the Security Deposit 

Paying Rent to Property Owners 

Posting 3 Day Right to Possession Notices (when rent is not received) 

Taking Maintenance Requests 

Facilitating Necessary Repairs 

Performing Interior Inspections Up to Every 4 Months 

Processing Evictions When Necessary 


some point while renting out your property there will be necessary repairs. As a part of our property services, Highest Point handles the repairs for you from the first request from the tenant to seeing the completed repair. 

We are a Colorado Springs property management company that is on-call on the weekends and evenings to take emergency maintenance requests. 

In most cases anything that goes wrong with your home will be typical wear and tear items that occur over time, however, on occasion we do get damage to homes caused by tenant negligence. In the case of a clogged toilet due to a child’s toy being flushed or a furnace that quits because the filter has not been replaced when due, just to name a couple of examples, we see to it the tenant pays for these damages to your property. Our lease clearly states what is expected of our tenants and we expect them to treat your property like it was their own. 

Highest Point is a Colorado Springs property management company that will always consult you before making any repairs to your home. 

We always hire trusted contractors who are licensed in their field, insured and background checked. We want the best for our tenants and owners alike. 

In most 
cases, our property management company in Colorado Springs will deduct the cost of the repair from the rent you receive at the beginning of next month. 

When Tenants Move Out 

When your tenants move out, our Colorado Springs property management company immediately does a walkthrough of your property to see the conditions the former tenants left it in. If cleaning or repairs are necessary, we arrange that 
to be done through our trusted vendors and deduct the cost from the former tenant’s security deposit. Before we move new tenants in or show the home, we make sure that is in 
move in ready condition to ensure the new tenant not only has the comfort they deserve but also a sense of what is expected regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of the property. Prior to a new tenant move in we always carefully videotape the property, so we have a reference for the condition the home was in before their move in. 


No one ever wants to evict a tenant, but in some cases it is necessary. At those times, we are glad we work with a great evictions attorney in Colorado Springs. Our property management company in Colorado Springs handles the entire eviction process for you with the goal of getting the property back on the market as soon as possible for a fresh start. 

Our Lease 

We have developed a very thorough and owner sensitive lease agreement based on years of property service experience in managing rentals. Our lease is designed for the protection of our property owners and their property and that is always our first priority. 

Our lease covers such areas as; 

Use of Premises. 

Tenant agrees to use the property as a residential dwelling only and will not run a business out of the property. 

Our Colorado Springs property management company understands that most homeowners do not have their property insured as a business and therefore a tenant running a business out of the home can be a major liability to the owner. 

Non Smoking Properties 

This is a non-smoking property. There will be absolutely no smoking inside the home. This is a no marijuana or MMJ property. Tenant may not use or possess marijuana in any form anywhere on the property. The penalty for smoking inside the home is immediate termination of your lease and a fine of up to 7 times the security deposit. 

All our properties are non-smoking properties. We are a Colorado Springs property management company that enforces this rule to protect the value of the home as well as the comfort and safety of future residents. 

Lawn and Landscaping 

Where the property a tenant is renting has a yard to maintain the tenant must maintain the lawn and landscaping by watering, cutting grass, pruning when necessary and fertilizing. 

A tenant who allows the lawn to die or grow excessively makes it extremely hard to get a new tenant in the home or even sell the property after they move out. If our standards aren’t met we reserve the right to hire a landscaping company and charge the tenant for the property service. 

Renters Insurance 

Our Colorado Springs property management company requires all tenants to carry personal liability renters insurance on the property.

Past experience tells us that sometimes tenants cause damage to a home that they simply cannot cover. In these 
cases it is nice that we have a tenant with renters insurance we can apply to restore the property. 

Other Services 

Right in the Highest 
office we provide a number of services including; 

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